Horse riding: 

Horse-riding and horseback combat including sword, spear and archery. Christabel is an advanced rider and continues to perform horseback stunts as a member of Destrier, one of the top medieval horsemanship groups in the UK. She has her own full harness of medieval plate armour and is also training to joust. 



Stage Combat:

Advanced training in martial arts since childhood, Christabel is a blackbelt in Ninpo- the ancient Japanese way of the Ninja. This includes experience with weaponry (sword, knife and staff). She is also experienced in medieval combat including sword and archery.

Christabel is a skilled singer having achieved Grade 8 classical singing and performed in many musicals including 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, Fresher The Musical, and Guido! - an original musical at the Edinburgh Fringe which she also directed. 
Christabel is also an adept guitarist, playing both electric and acoustic and performing regularly in different bands with both cover material and her own songs. Christabel also plays the Piano, the Oboe and the Mandola (a medieval instrument related to the Mandolin).